America’s real terrorists

I t is a waste of time to urge President Trump to lay off his frequent Twitter insults. The habit is not very presidential, but he simply can't help himself, and the truth is a lot of his supporters enjoy it when he spouts off. He knows how to play to an audience.

Ole Miss showed a touch of class

As bitter as the football rivalry between Ole Miss and Mississippi State has become, it was commendable to see the Rebel players feel almost as badly for Nick Fitzgerald as the Bulldogs did when MSU’s star quarterback went down early with a serious ankle injury in Thursday’s Egg Bowl.

Green Avenue repaving

Dear Editor,


The year was 1978 – 39 years ago.  Jimmy Carter was president. A gallon of gas was 63 cents.

No Internet, no iphones, no home computers ! Grease, Saturday Night Fever, and Animal House were the box office hits. Disco dancing was the rage and