A mid-life convert to coffee


I’m a sucker for stories about the health benefits or detriments from the food and drink we put into our bodies.

If someone reports that rutabagas will forestall aging, ward off cancer or strengthen the heart, I might not run out and buy a bushel of them, but I’ll think about it.

Premature Choice for Peace Prize


Phil Bryant and a handful of other U.S. governors seem a little premature — not to mention a little selective in their evidence — for pushing President Donald Trump for this year’s Nobel Peace Prize.

One would think that in order to qualify, a nominee should actually have achieved some peace, rather than just talked about it.

Cutting Medicaid is pound-foolish


The Mississippi Legislature is wrestling with a number of huge issues this year. Is there a better way to calculate funding for the state’s public schools? Should the state start a lottery to try to shore up its finances? Is it finally ready to start putting real money into repairing or replacing its deteriorating roads and bridges?