Shows charged in case


A local woman has been charged with embezzling funds from school booster program.

Melissa Shows, a volunteer for the booster club for the Magee High School Volley Ball Team, has been charged through Magee Courts with embezzlement. 

According to Marci Breaux, who serves on the board, the money did not match what had been collected.  This alerted the board that they needed to research and determine  how long there had been a problem.

The discrepancy was discovered and it lead back to the past three years of funds missing.  The actual amount has not been determined, but  according to the Magee Police Department the figure was in the $6,000 range.

A payment plan had been set up for Shows to return the missing money.  Breaux said Shows started making payments for the missing funds and stopped.   

A $10,000 bond was set for Shows, and she bonded out of the Magee jail.  Because of the amount of the missing money the case will be heard in circuit court.