The best thing to do is to be flexible with planning


We were sitting around last Thursday and daughter Anna Lauren had come down to take care of some wedding plans.  We were talking about details when we realized that if she was going to be able to make her moving plans, which were to be out of her apartment by the end of March, we would have to go ahead and move.

  Had we delayed another month we would still be faced with a short period of time to make the move because of the upcoming wedding. 

  We talked about it a bit and realized no other time would work to meet her schedule than this past weekend.  The catch was that she was scheduled to work for the weekend at Baptist in Jackson.  She had spoken to her co-workers and no one could swap shifts on short notice. 

  As it turned out, there was a low patient census so she did not have to work Saturday.  So we scrambled to get a trailer.  We started with a small truck from U-Haul and before all was said and done we opted for the 26 foot truck for fear we might not have the space we needed.  Later we saw that a short one would have been adequate, but better safe than sorry.  On the previous move we had filled a smaller trailer twice and that was one thing we did not want to do -- make two trips to Cordova, Tenn. 

  Mr. C. A. Smith took great care of us at the local U-Haul, and we picked it up on Saturday morning.  Mom was to meet me in Jackson and follow to Cordova. 

  I got in my rig and did the obligatory sounding of the horn and off I went.  I scanned the radio dial for a little Claude Akins and “Big Wheels A Rollin.”  As it was I had to settle for a little classic rock from the 70’s and 80’s.  Never thought that would have been called classic but it was and it is.

  I now have a true understanding of why people say Highway 49 to Jackson is in such bad shape.  Not so in my pickup, but try it in a larger vehicle with stiffer suspension.  I was bouncing off the ceiling in Florence. 

  We rolled up to Anna Lauren’s apartment and she and Brooks had moved most of the big stuff out to the parking lot, which really made things easier. 

  We were finally able to get loaded and headed north towards Memphis.  We had a general idea of where were going but in high speed traffic and not being sure exactly where to go made the trip around Memphis a bit of a challenge. 

  I finally pulled in and, thank goodness, Nancy had been able to wrangle some help on the other end, her nephew Patrick and our buddy Jeremy Duckworth, who lives about five miles from where Anna Lauren and Brooks will be living. 

  With the newly acquired help we were able to make short order of the unloading.   There was a point in time when I was much younger and not nearly so heavy that this sort of activity would not have taken a toll, but it did a bit.  Brooks said he was starting a moving fund. He was not doing it again. 

  We got a bite to eat and headed back home.  We rolled in just after midnight after dropping Anna Lauren off in Jackson so she could work Sunday morning. 

  Moving is always an effort, but the good news is that one chore is out of the way as we get closer to the wedding day.   



Area high schools have chosen their top graduates for special honors at graduation ceremonies across the county this month.  They will be recognized and speak to audiences at those ceremonies.