Profile 2018--We could not have done it without you


E ach year we do one special edition that our staff takes a lot of pride in and that edition, Profile 2018, is in this week’s newspaper. 

  This is the chance for our advertisers to tell a little bit about themselves as well as their businesses, not only through their ads but for some through stories we have selected as editorial copy for the edition. 

Plans for this edition started in November of 2017 with the gathering of stories starting as early as the first of December. 

 The diversity of the people in Simpson County is something that we really like to feature. 

What you will find in this publication is stories of people like Joe and Janet Lasalandra, who chose to share God’s word in the far away land of Bangladesh.  You will see young people preparing to compete in the professional sporting arena like one young man who is preparing to compete in  the National Football League. 

  We tell stories that set Simpson countians apart and that is what our Profile edition is all about. One story we share puts a face to the challenges children encounter, like 7-year-old Kipton Lewis. 

You will have a chance to learn about your neighbors and their handiwork and some of them who turned their hobbies into real businesses.

Speaking of business, we share with you in Profile a new way of doing business and recruiting new business to our community.  Growth and development don’t just happen -- a lot of work goes on behind the scenes and you can learn how that happens when you read about those who are recruiting business and industry to our community. 

We try to include a good mix of information in our yearly Profile.  That way there is a little bit for everyone, and for those who enjoy the written word-- well, there is a bunch!  

At the newspaper we are reinventing ourselves daily--presenting news and information through our traditional printed word, on facebook, on our web-site www. or on our mobile app. 

Our goal is to provide accurate information on a timely basis however you choose to access it. 

We offer a special thank you to our advertisers for working with us to bring you this special publication, one you can be proud to say you’ve read. 

    Hope you enjoy!