Fewer painkillers

The intense focus in the news media, in the medical community and in both state and federal governments to America’s opioid epidemic may be getting the message across.

Mississippi preschool gets good grade

I f Mississippi is going to make significant inroads into raising the educational attainment of its citizens, the most effective way to do that is to start early.

Brain research and academic studies have shown that if children fall behind during the first couple years of schooling, the chance of them ever catching up is slim.

Amazon may have a vulnability

When President Trump targets the online giant Amazon for criticism, his aim is off.

The president says the company has too big of a lobbying operation.

Maybe so, but that’s protected by the First Amendment. Besides, can Amazon’s lobbying really be that much larger than other big corporations?

The perks of power


Whether or not Scott Pruitt keeps his job as director of the Environmental Protection Agency, his experience in Washington is a perfect example of how too many people let the perks of power go to their heads.

Another lawsuit over state flag

I f it seems like Mississippi has traveled this ground before, it’s because it has.

A federal lawsuit filed last week asks a judge to prevent the Gulf Coast city of Ocean Springs from flying the state flag, claiming it is “racially demeaning and hostile” because it includes the Confederate battle emblem.