SimpCo Memorials is full-service company

For most people a job is a simply a job. They wake up in the morning, do their daily routines, and go home. For Amber and Garrett Case, this is not true.

Amber and Garrett are the owners of SimpCo Memorials, a full service monument company. Simpco Memorials sells headstones, benches, signs, or basically anything that can be made out of granite.

The Cases have been in the memorial business for 10 years now. Amber started at the Brookhaven branch, then met Garrett and moved to Mendenhall. When asked why they got into a business of monuments, Amber stated, “You’re giving back to people during a time when they need it most. We are helping them find closure and that is really special.”

All monuments are bought from one of two distributors. One distributor is based in Georgia while the other is based in South Dakota. The distributors set the prices of the monuments that the Cases sell. No monuments are the same price.

SimpCo Memorial also does custom headstones. A customer chooses a template, then Amber draws different designs for the customer to choose from. Once the design is chosen, Garrett gets rubber stencils and sandblasts the stone to create the design. Sandblasting is like pressure washing except it uses air and sand to blast the design onto the granite.

Garrett also installs the headstones. He and one or two other employees go out to the cemetery and place the stones. “It is mainly just me and my wife here but I have to have one or two guys to help me with installation because of how big and heavy the headstones can be,” stated Garrett. 

When asked how it is to be in a business where you make money when people pass away Amber stated, “It’s tough. I won’t lie but when they come in they cry, then I cry. They come in a customer but leave as family.”

Though SimpCo Memorials sells a variety of products  crafted of granite, headstones are their biggest sellers.

You can check out some their custom work at their office. The office is located right off Hwy. 149 in Mendenhall across from the post office. The Simpson County branch of SimpCo Memorials is the sister company to a business in Brookhaven.

Garrett and Amber have both thought about expanding their branch and as of now that is still the plan. They plan to go north but still keep the expansion in Mississippi. “We still want to live here so we will expand as far as we can drive to install the stones,” stated Amber.

The process of ordering and receiving a headstone is rather long. First, a customer goes to SimpCo Memorials and talks to Amber about a type of headstone and a design. She would then call the distributor and place the order. Once the order is placed it would be anywhere from 60-90 days to receive the headstone. “It sounds like a long time,” explained Amber. “But here at SimpCo we aren’t just selling a headstone. We are selling a story about someone's life.”

The distributor gets the order and blasts the granite with dynamite. This is where the process gets lengthy. The distributors then have to cut up the rock until they get the perfect measurement.

To place an order yourself, whether it is a headstone for a loved one or a decorative bench for your home or work, be sure to call Amber and Garrett Case at SimpCo Memorial.