Walk a Mile in My Shoes


Pastor Alvin Moore of Moss Point, Miss., and Director Lawrence D. Wallace are excited to present their upcoming series titled Walk a Mile in My Shoes.

The series was written and produced by Moore who also wrote and directed The Perfect Gift, which can be seen on Netflix.

Walk a Mile in My Shoes follows a high school teacher named Holly who tries to defy the odds and reach a group of troubled but gifted students.

Moore said his motivation to write this story came from his own experience. “I’m an educator, I’ve been teaching for 8 years and the things I have seen in the school system are remarkably inexcusable in a sense.” He said, “Often times we don’t get to look at what students are going through behind closed doors, and I felt the need to visualize that and share it with the world.”

 Moore plans to reveal situations that students may face at home which affect their behavior in school or their capabilities to learn. He believes that everyone can prosper from understanding the experiences of others.

The majority of the series was filmed around Simpson County and Magee High School last summer. Local high school students were incorporated into the film.

Moore explained that the filming process flowed well, and he gave credit to Pastor Lawrence Wallace and his staff for doing a great job. Moore said, “The overall goal of the series is to give a voice to students who feel voiceless.” Walk a Mile in My Shoes is a work of fiction intended to mirror situations that some students face in reality.

Wallace, who directs the series said, “We don’t know what students are dealing with before and after the bell rings.” He gave some insight into the mindset of several of the show’s characters.

He described a female high school student who comes from a well-off family. Wallace said, “She is the type of character who has plenty of money and gets everything she wants but doesn’t get the love from her parents. This leads to her being promiscuous and trying to find that love in other places.”

Wallace said each student is dealing with a unique set of problems which leads to them to respond differently in school. He revealed that another main character constantly witnesses domestic violence at home which leads to negative behavior at school.

 Lawrence said, “This guy looks forward to being expelled or being in ISS because it means he doesn’t have to go home.”

The series is riddled with complex characters in need of guidance. This guidance will come from teacher Holly. Wallace explained that in the series Holly is a graduate of the high school where she now teaches and has come back to make a difference.

 Wallace also plays the role of principal.

He said, “One of the first things I tell Holly in her initial interview is to keep her work and home life separate.” But Holly will adopt a “save the world” mentality and risk losing her family.

The project is to be released next July. Moore said that the production team will finish filming in April through June. He also said that they are currently looking to audition more people from Simpson County. Moore extended an invitation to everyone to audition for several roles on December 2. They are also looking for sponsorships or producers who would like to be associated with the series. For information visit www.alvinmooreentertainment .com. Trailers for Walk A Mile in My Shoes are available for viewing on the website and YouTube.