Burglary leads to charges of attempted murder


The Magee Police Department released a statement last Thursday detailing a double stabbing in the city.

On Thursday, March 15, at approximately 6:45 a.m. the Magee Police Department responded to The McAlpin House at 206 2nd Ave SW in response to a 911 call.  Officers arrived on scene and determined that two females had been stabbed.  One of the victims was Gloria Lucas, the homeowner.  The second victim was Debra McCollum, Lucas’ sister. 

Both victims were transported via AMR to Magee General Hospital ER.  Lucas was treated and released.  McCollum was airlifted to UMC in Jackson, where she was later reported to be in stable condition.

The suspect in the case was identified as 51-year- old Tony Lee Smith.  Smith is an alleged former employee of Gloria Lucas. He was captured Thursday, March . at approximately 6 p.m. Simpson County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Smith near Cordis Rankin Road in Mendenhall without incident. Magee Police Officers arrived on the scene shortly after and took custody of Smith.

Smith had his initial appearance before Justice Court Judge Eugene Knight on March 16 at 5:30 p.m.

Knight began the initial appearance by informing Smith of his rights before reading him affidavits concerning his charges.

Smith’s originally reported charges of aggravated assault were upgraded to two counts of attempted murder and one count of breaking and entering. Smith allegedly attempted to stab and kill Gloria Lucas and Debra McCollum on Thursday, March 15, at approximately 6:45 a.m. after breaking into Lucas’s home.

District Attorney Matt Sullivan relayed to Judge Knight that he was familiar with the suspect’s criminal history. According to Sullivan, Smith has been convicted of approximately four felonies occurring from 1986-1992.

Smith’s convictions include the forcible rape of an adult woman. It was also explained that Smith failed to register as a sex offender. Due to the violent nature of the crime, Smith’s extensive criminal history, and his admission to habitual drug use, Sullivan requested that he be denied bond. Smith allegedly told officers that he is “out of his mind” when using drugs.

Based on the facts of the investigation, circumstances of the victims, and violent nature of the crime, Knight deemed Smith a danger to society and moved to deny bond.

Knight said, “What was done took a lot of violence. Stabbing somebody is not like shooting; you have to get down and personal.”

Smith waived his right to a preliminary hearing, and currently has not retained any legal representation. He was transported to the Simpson County Jail, where he will be housed until the next meeting of the grand jury.

At press time Gloria Lucas is in intensive care at Baptist Hospital in Jackson  with complications which arose from the stab wound after she was released from MGH.