Magee High welcomes new head football coach


When asked, “What do you want from the football team?”  Magee High School’s principal, Dr. Tom Duncan, responded, “A state championship.” 

The school’s new head coach and athletic director, Teddy Dyess, told Duncan he is the man for the job.  A press conference was held last Tuesday at 10 a.m. at the Magee High School Library for Dyess to make comments to local media. 

Dyess said that Magee is living in past championships with the last one being in 2000 and that under his coaching they would be winning state championships in the present day. 

Several of the team players were present for Coach Dyess’s comment, and he told the student athletes, “It is not what you go through in life, it is how you respond.”  Dyess emphasized to the group that everyone has challenges and that it not so much the challenge but what the person takes away from those situations that counts. 

Dyess also challenged the young men to be  leaders with younger children and present themselves in a manner that would make them role models. 

Dyess has 26 years of coaching experience and comes to Magee from Philadelphia, Miss.  He has coached in Terry, Mount Olive, Madison Central and Lumberton.  He brings to the table a 181-37 win-loss record.  

He was named Coach of the Year in 2006.  He has won district championships 10 times and coached two state winning teams for two state championships. 

He and his wife of 30 years, Chantay, have one son, Thomas, who is currently an eight grader at Philadelphia.  Thomas, an up and coming athlete himself, decided to give up his quarterback slot to play nose guard.  He is not only successful as an athlete but also maintains a 4.0 grade point average.

Dyess said academics is one of the things the football team is going to focus on.  He said that students are going to get a solid education so they can be successful in life.

 He said that Mississippi has been known for too long as “the fattest, most uneducated and most racist state.”  He said Magee can be a role model for the country and CNN could be talking about the positive things that are going on in Magee, Mississippi. 

He told the team they were going to adopt a new slogan, “Don’t Blink.”  He said the Trojans are going to be the fastest and most physical team in their division.  He said Magee as a football team  has been relevant in the past and they will be again.  He told the players that dreaming is free but the journey to success is what costs.

In a prepared release Dyess said, “I really enjoy teaching.  It is my passion.  nothing gives me greater satisfaction than seeing it all come together for the kids. Through hard work, my teams have accomplished major and minor successes.  During those times, I have never missed an opportunity to teach a life lesson.  Nothing can prepare a person for the real world until they are in it, but I believe athletics can aid in preparing them for the game of life.”

  Dyess added during his presentation that he always tries to pass along to his players a little bit of himself. 

Dyess’ wife Chantay teaches with distance learning in Philadelphia.  Dyess said she has played the role of media contact as well as posting stats for him at Max Preps. 

The Dyess family plans to move to Magee at the end of the school year. 

Spring football practice is scheduled to start April 23.