Chamber encourages shopping local

The Magee Chamber of Commerce is on track to not only talk the talk but to walk the walk when it comes to keeping business local. 

The Chamber has no official obligation to spend money locally, but it has always been a given for the organization.  Now, Chamber directors are taking it a bit farther by adopting rules by which the Board of Directors will spend money for supplies and services for the Chamber. 

According to Chamber president Ian Cowart, the board wanted to take official action to promote doing business and shopping locally.  So they decided to draft guidelines for doing business.  Coward said the board gave the nod attorney and board member Kannan Stubbs to draft those guidelines, and he has begun work on the proposal.

Cowart said there are a few caveats.  He said board members wanted to include the provision that the businesses they agreed to shop with should be Chamber of Commerce members.  This would be yet another advantage of being a Chamber member. 

Cowart estimated that the Chamber spends approximately $50,000 per year in Simpson County and feels it is important to spend that money with local Chamber-affiliated businesses. 

He said that occasionally some types of services are not available locally and that could be an exception to the rule.  The other consideration is that if the local product is more than 5 percent higher than outside vendors prices for the same merchandise or service, the board could shop elsewhere.