Green Avenue repaving

Dear Editor,


The year was 1978 – 39 years ago.  Jimmy Carter was president. A gallon of gas was 63 cents.

No Internet, no iphones, no home computers ! Grease, Saturday Night Fever, and Animal House were the box office hits. Disco dancing was the rage and


Tribute to American Veteran

Our highest patriotism on this Veterans’ Day, 2017 is to honor, respect, remember the memory of those who serve in the uniform of our country and have preserved our nation’s way of life for 240 years. Their military service has had a profound effect on our nation’s history.

History 101

Dear Editor, 
“Family salutes Civil War Ancestor” By Claude and Glenda Magee (Magee Courier, September, 21, 2017), a truly refreshing history lesson and thank you for the very informative article. 



Area high schools have chosen their top graduates for special honors at graduation ceremonies across the county this month.  They will be recognized and speak to audiences at those ceremonies.