“Simply NFL”

Dear Editor:


In response to the article printed on last week ( 10-25-17).

I would love to engage in some comments that were not about the NFL players’ protest in last week article, but in doing so would switch the concerns or the narrative of my previous article. I am a firm believer that if you are truly passionate about any issue,  you remain on that specific issue. An article I composed and submitted a couple weeks ago was to inform readers that the NFL protests are not disrespectful or degrading to the flag, anthem or service men, per US Flag Codes. I encouraged readers to read the US Flag Codes to further this clarification.

I realize the flag is a sensitive topic but I look to people who want to engage in a constructive dialogue with those specific issues. While we may not agree, hopefully we can agree to disagree.

I cannot change anyone views about these protests, but I seek to inform.

The issue that has plagued our nation is: Are the NFL protests during the anthem disrespecting the flag, military and anthem?Per my understanding of the US Flag Codes, no.

Many players have spoken  that these protests are to bring awareness to police brutality, killing and mistreatment of people of color. Any other reason for the protests, that some have circulated, are totally false. I am hopeful daily that this awareness will bring about constructive dialogues between the protesters and the appropriate officials. These dialogues will never happen as long as individuals focus on the players salary, the flag, anthem and other insignificant deterrents. There are tough conversations that are needed, but denying the problem and focusing on irrelevant issues that are insignificant is a disservice to the American public.

The mere fact that we are discussing a peaceful protest serves as a reminder that we as Americans have a long journey ahead. The mere fact that the protest itself was turned into disrespecting the flag serves as a reminder that we as Americans avoid the tough topics and discussions. I feel compelled to say that this journey of avoidance does not live up to my true meaning of being American.

Being silent or not silent on this issue is not subjective to demand by others but of free will by any individual. If you as an American citizen wants to remain silent on this social issue, that is your choice to make. However, people can’t dictate to others whose choice is to be not silent. Although silence is comfortable, it is not always helpful. For me this is not a right or wrong issue, but one of courage and determination.

I realize there are many other social issues that are very important but there is not a one cure fix all scenario. So addressing one issue at a time, in my opinion, seems appropriate and sensible.

One analyst spoke on the “irony” of this specific topic saying that individuals, in a sense, are protesting the NFL because of the NFL players protest. The NFL owners and coaches are smack in the middle because they need the fans but definitely need players. It would seem that the owners could or at least attempt to encourage dialogue with the appropriate officials and players at the same place and time. Maybe they will eventually. Who knows. But to simply ignore will only heighten it’s existence.

In conclusion, I enjoy reading articles written by others and take this opportunity to thank them for sharing their opinions.

Just to clarify last week comments directed to me personally; yes I did indeed pick cotton and I not only watch the news daily, I also read it throughout the day. Now do  the comments and answers have anything to do with the my issue, which are the protests? No.

They serve as irrelevant deterrents. I am choosing to stay on the matter that I am passionate about, which are the NFL players’ peaceful protests, or at least try.

Thanks to the Magee Courier for sharing.






Charla Magee