Tech Center features Metal Fabrications program

Simpson County Technical Center is featuring its Metal Fabrications program.  Pictured is the instructor, Kirk Sullivan,(left) with first year student Brandon Lyons (right) during a shop activity. 

The Metal Fabrications program is part of the Manufacturing Cluster and is designed for students preparing to enter the field of metalworking.  It includes an introduction to the basic machining metalworking processes, as well as an introduction to the basic welding profession.  Students in the program have the option of joining SkillsUSA, the student organization for career and technical students enrolled in this program.  Through SkillsUSA membership, students have the opportunity to showcase skills learned at various competitions at the district, state, and national levels.  Mr. Sullivan is one of the SkillsUSA advisors for the Simpson County Technical Center.


Area high schools have chosen their top graduates for special honors at graduation ceremonies across the county this month.  They will be recognized and speak to audiences at those ceremonies.